how to use baofeng radio Mar 20 2020 Noob alert I just got my ticket a month ago. 50K is the fastest and least thorough frequency search. CTCSS CDCSS BF888s has built in CTCSS CDCSS encoding amp decoding that helps avoid other users using the same frequency. I can 39 t recommend using a Baofeng radio on FRS frequencies because technically its illegal. May 11 2017 If you setup two radios on these frequencies they ll work. The radio comes with a high gain antenna of 7 inches long. I also had to file the hole a little bit due the size of my Aug 28 2020 Let s cut to the chase and admit that this is a fine 2 way radio right at the outset. Baofeng BF F8GP Ham Radio are Authorized by BAOFENG. It took a few minutes but I did eventually receive APRS data other objects repeaters etc on my phone while connected to my Baofeng UV82L. Mar 23 2019. The Call button also sets an alarm. This radio is designed for and classified as Occupational Use Only meaning it must be used only during the course of employment by individuals aware of the hazards Warning and the ways to minimize such hazards. I experimented with a couple variations on the Wouxun webpage but gave up and opted for something entirely different. You ll need to make sure DCS CTSS match between Jul 15 2019 The Baofeng UV 5R and similar radios are very useful tools. Aug 23 2020 We finalize our Baofeng radios review with this radio which would be a good choice for beginners. If this happens you can still use the UV 5R to pick up emergency communications by using it to scan the airwaves Press VFO MR and ensure the radio is in nbsp 10 Aug 2016 Use the keypad to enter the frequency into the radio. Start CHIRP. Change the radio s operating band VHF or UHF The Baofeng operates in two bands Very High and Ultra High Frequency. There are 128 programmable memory channels. Works with Windows 7 32 and 64 bit Windows 8 and 8. So to answer your question NO you cannot legally put a baofeng on FRS. There are a lot of rules for FRS GMRS radios and they are different between Canada and the US. You can find all of this information in the little instruction booklet that accompanies this radio but that text may not be very clear. Special Note for UV 82 series The UV 82 series supports dual PTT Feb 20 2016 Radio communication is an integral part of nautical life. That said you need to get a license to use this radio to the fullest which usually costs 75 for 10 years. Find The Baofeng USB Programming Cable on Amazon. 5mm audio cable but when I turn up the volume of the radio that function as a receiver Rx the radio that function as a transmitter Tx stop transmitting or transmit intermittently with a bad audio. Many times you will want to easily swap your antenna to a better one or easily connect to an outside house or mobile antenna. Additionally all Baofeng radios such as the UV 5R V2 BF F9 V2 will be distributed in restrict mode. You need an Amateur Radio License Ham of Technician or higher to operate on the frequencies within the amateur radio band. You can add or remove channels from scanning list using the free computer software. 11 Oct 2019 In this video Josh from the Ham Radio Crash Course channel gives us 3 basic tips for using a Baofeng radio as part of an emergency nbsp 30 Jan 2018 A Beginners Guide to Baofeng UV82 Ham Radio we are going to be covering basic use programming scanning and using the baofeng radio. Apr 07 2012 Hello I am looking to use my radio with some Cobra. You might for example just program the radio using the keys if you need to enter just a few memories or you are out in the field with no access to programming software or cables. Learn how to use a FM radio One of the lowest cost 19. The 20 Baofeng or similar dual bander has Programming Your Baofeng UV 5R Radio Duplex Using a Repeater Manual Programming Guide 1. 1xUT 108 SMA Female DUAL BAND Magnet Antenna Fr Kenwood Baofeng Radio UA T8. Simply complete checkout and you can download instantly from your downloads section on our website. The walkie talkie makes claims that you can use this unit to have convenient conversations at a long range no matter what the context of usage is be it a The purpose of this post is to show you how to use a Baofeng UV 5R to receive PMR analogue radio. The DMR 6X2 firmware has been improving over 2 years with new features it just keeps getting better Baofeng UV 9R Plus Audio Cable Adapter to 2 pin K Plug for BF 9700 BF A58 GT 3WP Waterproof Radio Price Baofeng BF T6 Mini Walkie Talkie 22CH 0. BaoFeng GT 5TP Upgraded from BaoFeng GT 5 Kernel User Interface Now a Super Tri Power radio BaoFeng GT 5TP Tri Power Settings 8 4 1W Tri color background light selectable Dual Band VHF UHF Dual PTT Product Specifications High Mid Low Power settings 8 4 1W Frequency Range 65 108MHz FM Receive only Sep 25 2018 Hacking those radios information resources probably is easiest found performing a Google search of hacking a baofeng radio or replacing baofeng in the query with whatever radio. The same menu steps work on the BF F8HP UV 5R UV 82 along with several other BaoFeng handhelds. For simple operation good range ease of use and the price the BaoFeng BF 888S is a great little UHF radio. Once you have that settled use your cable to connect both the PC and your radio to a 3. Easily program your BaoFeng for Repeater or Simplex Channels along with adding CTCSS or DCS settings. Here are the frequencies for BCA radios. For you to understand better we were going with the first one. Designed for amateur usage with its large bright colour TFT display. This video demonstrates how to communicate via Amateur Ham Radio Satellite using an inexpensive 30 Baofeng UV5R Dual Band Radio and MFJ dual band antenna from Amazon. You 39 re also limited to 2 watts of power. Frequency You guessed it right it s the frequency 9 digits xxx. Program a Baofeng Radio with CHIRP The Baofeng handheld radios are inexpensive but cover Sep 4 2017 It makes sense that your handheld radio should be able to take the place of multiple radios. Here s how that went in case anybody else wants to listen in and maybe try to transmit on their Baofeng handheld. These radios are compact easy to use versatile and best of all extremely inexpensive. So type slowly and use small words plz. More stuff. The software there is now tailored for both old and new radios they ve listened and fixed the problems. 99 with free shipping way to listen to amateur radio 2 meter and 70 cm bands. How To Use Baofeng Radio Legally Using Baofeng radio legally demands compliance with existing FCC regulations. Resources listed under Baofeng UV 5R category belongs to VHF UHF Handhelds main collection and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators. The only down side is like GMRS FRS you are supposed to have a radio licesned by the FCC to operate in those bands but MURS radios are few and far between. Many amateurs use Baofeng as they are cheap and powerful handhelds. Baofeng handheld radios you either love them or you hate them. We are an independent organization that makes online courses and educational materials for those who want to learn how to use Baofeng radios and we enjoy these radios ourselves. There are a number of similar two pin connectors that may look identical but are not compatible. Upgrade 8W Baofeng UV 5R Walkie Talkie 10 km Baofeng uv5r walkie talkie hunting Ham Radio uv 5r Baofeng UV 9R UV 82 UV 8HX UV XR Help Customer Service Disputes amp Reports Buyer Protection Report IPR infringement The Baofeng repeater system is composed of an RX receiving unit and a TX transmitting unit so that means you 39 ll need 2 Baofeng UV 5R radios. It will exchange the TX and RX frequencies. 99 Apr 27 2013 I am trying to use the Baofeng UV 5R as an APRS packet receiver and feed the audio output into the Argent Data Radio Shield plus Arduino for demodulation and display of coordinates on a screen. BaoFeng T55 Power Off the Radio. Ham radio is trusted by preppers across the country because it lets individuals stay in touch and give each other life saving information. They are also just good tips for any ham radio in general. Jan 10 2018 The one issue i did run into in revy is the radio receives so well it picks up chatter and gets irritating. Dec 06 2013 Many popular brands together with names like Motorola Bearcat Maxon Galaxy MaxRad Baofeng Radio Midland Smartcomm and many others have nice reductions obtainable on used radios. 8 BC LINK C 462. For making it easier for you we ve divided the guide into a simple set of aspects. Jun 01 2017 I recently got licenced as a ham radio operator. Domestic research and development of digital radio chips successful in Fujian to help industrial upgrading Platform to build industry to promote development of the industry total Shanghai property sector will regulate and standardize the use of radio frequency transceiver Baofeng BF 888s is a great value entry level two way radio ideal for those on a budget or just starting out. 4 How far can a BaoFeng transmit As the rule says more wattage output power means more transmit. This may sound expensive but as it turns out speaker mics are available for the Baofeng on line in the 5 range. It supports more than just BaoFeng radios so its nice to only have to use one program for my various radios. We ve considered the features specification and the programming process in this review. How to check the firmware version of the Baofeng UV 5R The firmware version displayed on the LCD display isn t necessarily the one that s actually in the radio. It 39 s featured with many new features such as 120 000 contacts import digital monitor talkgroup adding by keypad and so on. How Antennas Work for Ham Radios. Baofeng UV 5R 8W Tri Power WalkiesTalkie UHF VHF 128CH 1800mAh Two way Ham Radio black 54. Guide to using Baofeng UV 5R Handheld. My first HT is a Greaval uv 5r nope not a Baofeng it is branded quot Greaval quot on the radio and battery. A nbsp The Baofeng and similar radios will program any public safety frequency in the VHF The programmable portables are sold for use by amateur radio HAM nbsp And after tons of agonizing research it turns out these quot technically quot aren 39 t suited for quot legal quot use It transmits too high of a wattage for FRS family radio station nbsp baofeng uv 5r 70 cm FRS Family Radio Service GMRS General Mobile Radio Service MURS Multi Use Radio Service Marine VHF Public service nbsp here some tips on how to use and to program this small HT. I purchased the nbsp Follow the instructions below to manually program your Baofeng HT radio and a few other HT radios manufactured in China using only the keypad on the radio. The radio has 2 power levels 5 watt maximum allowing you to choose how far you can communicate. Once you pick the vendor the Model drop down will now be populated with a list of all the models CHIRP supports for that Vendor. eHam. What makes you think a cheap Chinese radio is any better than a good FRS radio. Being so cheap people look at them as disposable radios. Jun 27 2015 Baofeng UV5R was hacked . Aug 17 2020 There are two ways to program a Baofeng Radio with computer software. But if you stay on the FRS only frequencies 467. This ham radio from BaoFeng lets you tap into that information network so you get access to that life saving information. CHIRP settings and Baofeng radio menu settings often use different terminology for the same radio parameter. About Baofeng F8 GP. Then Baofeng introduced the DM 5R Plus sporting Tier I support. The Preppers Radio The Infamous Baofeng Ham Radio. Program a Baofeng Radio with CHIRP The Baofeng handheld radios are inexpensive but cover Aug 22 2014 It makes sense that your handheld radio should be able to take the place of multiple radios. The BaoFeng UV 82 Series. Using the keypad enter the receive frequency 147. In the Baofeng 888 you ll have to desolder the white LED to make room for the cable to go through. Here is the message that was sent using gmskmodem. BaoFeng BTECH BL 5L 3800mAh Li ion Battery Pack. It is a good radio to learn how to use while studying for the amateur radio Technician license. If you ve not already done so we recommend you also read through our article A Complete System for your Baofeng UV 5R Radio this gives you details of other accessories that you should get to extend the use and functionality of your radios. This little dual band plus Broadcast Band transceiver is amazing value for money. There is a NEW VERSION created by the cooperation with Baofeng and Radioddity releasing. 2 meter is the most readily available band and all you need for local communications. DM 1701 offers a total of 3 000 channels Nov 10 2019 Not just to buy and possess one. Dual band VHF UHF handheld transceiver category is a curation of 14 web resources on Baofeng Mic Pin Out and Programming Cable Schematics UV 5R Keypad and functions Baofeng UV 5R Mod. This radio goes for 24 a pair on Amazon. com Amazon has a six pack of Baofeng handheld HAM radio for just 53. So how do you connect a base station antenna to your handheld radio. You can program your BaoFeng UV 5R exactly how you want it. I want to purchase a pair of Baofeng UV 5R radios for airsoft use. It s Baofeng Black UV 5R V2 Plus which has been a part of the UV 5R Cosmic Variants Series from the brand. 8 Jul 2020 The Baofeng UV 5R is a great cheap little radio but it 39 s notoriously difficult to use with poor documentation. Allows to hookup to PC for Radio Programming. This is how to get ti into VFO mode 82. The custom name that you can give this channel it will be visible in the LCD display when BaoFeng Radio Series Homepage UV 5R BF F8HP UV 82HP and more. Return to CHIRP and click the Radio menu and choose Welcome to Reddit 39 s own amateur ham radio club. No wires to the helmet and the SR10 has a mountable wired PTT so you don 39 t have to use the one on the helmet module or radio. So far Ive used this radio exclusively with rino and BCA radios and the group is forced to use the channels I have. This video demonstrates the programming on a BaoFeng UV 82HP. Mar 19 2019 The Baofeng DM 1701 radio is a dual band VHF and UHF radio with both digital DMR true Tier I and II as well as analog FM capabilities. This is not the cable from the radio manufacturer. Press Menu again to store the frequency 7. As noted above the Wouxun programming cable works and driver just fine for the Baofeng radio. Buy BaoFeng UV 82C Dual Band 136 174 400 520 MHz FM Ham Two Way Radio Transceiver HT with Battery Earpiece Antenna Charger Two Way Radios Amazon. Keep in mind this transceiver would generally only be used for a local node within your neighborhood or within a mile or so of where it is located. Feb 25 2018 Using Baofeng Pofung UV 5R as a radio scanner with CHIRP Memories tab. com Baofeng USB Programming Cable. This helps when you are in an emergency situation and need to know critical information about the event. Many imported radios use Kenwood compatible 2 pin connector including Baofeng and Wouxun. Press MENU to choose RESET. It also has 128 customizable channels. With a nice easy and simple design you can use it with many occasions. These are my recommended brands. 4 View Product 8. Since I did not have a ham license I started by simply programming it to be a police scanner. 5 watt Walmart radios can at least hear what is going on even if they don t have the power to push out. May 23 2013 The Baofeng UV 5RA is special because it costs a mere 50 or less . The following steps are based on the Baofeng UV 5R V2 model but should apply to any UV 5R series Baofeng model. Aug 06 2016 Regardless if the radio brand is Yaesu ICOM or Baofeng you will greatly improve the radio by installing an aftermarket antenna. Here are some tips and resources I 39 ve found to help me use them. However I soon got bored of just listening around and wanted to see what can be done with this radio. Geoff Mar 03 2017 It s easy to program you can use it for simple activities like nature walks or more official activities. The Baofeng radios have 128 programmable channels that you can define and in each case you can set a lot of different parameters for the channel ranging from bandwidth to power to offset frequencies if used with a repeater and CTCSS DCS type tones on both the send and receive side of the channel. Radios like the Baofeng are really designed for the commercial market where a tech preprograms them using a computer and hands them to a non technical user saying Use channel 2 and push here to talk . You can also use the Blue A B Button to select a different channel for both top and bottom. The tables below are a cross reference. The Baofeng UV 82HP is stylized as a ham radio for amateurs. While the low price makes them a great deal these radios are not easy to program. A highly effective radio holster offers you a comfy approach to effortlessly access your radio. 99 BAOFENG BF F8 VHF 136 174 UHF 400 520MHZ HAM FM 2 WAY RADIO WALKIE TALKIE 32. How to Set the Tone for Repeater Use in Baofeng UV 5R. Our extensive review will not only help you to decide whether you want it but also to decide which device you want. Cost brand new with shipping 25 to 30 with charger battery everything. For Christmas I got a Baofeng UV5R radio which is a real cheep 40 ham radio. If a damaged antenna comes into. Oct 27 2018 We typically use one of the frs channels. You will need an FCC license to operate on most bands legally. If you are wondering what Amateur Radio is about it 39 s basically a two way radio service where licensed operators throughout the world experiment and communicate with each other on frequencies reserved for license holders. 562 for example not 462. I found a lot of info the past couple of days and literally just pulled these off my BF888s and loaded them on the UV 5R. It seems that the instructions are for the previous generation and there were complications to getting the thing to tune into a local repeater. Press Menu then use the arrow keys to select VOICE on the digital display and Press Menu to choose that option. The good thing about this radio is that the price also includes accessories. The signals on 2 meters and 440 MHz are both pretty much quot Line of Sight quot . To build the largest and most complete Amateur Radio community site on the Internet a quot portal quot that hams think of as the first place to go for information to exchange ideas and be part of what s happening with ham radio on the Internet. 1 full version or Windows 10 Works only with the RT Systems USB K4Y cable as shown below. Jul 08 2020 Baofeng Cheat Sheet. I have Jul 13 2020 Our Top 10 Best Baofeng Radio Picks of 2020 1. You might be able to score a cheaper deal there. Feb 07 2015 The Baofeng dual band radios are really Short Range radios. L ior Elazary provides informations regarding the hacks of a chinese dual band radio Lior posted descriptions of the work on hes rig. Quick Pick. The little black thing is a USB sound card it costs about 8 on Amazon and it allows you to use this setup on about anything that has a USB port. Many hams want one radio that does both legally. Aug 09 2015 Hi Will Thanks for your write up and schematic I successfully made the same cable yesterday and tested last night. quot Just like the first BaoFeng radio the BaoFeng UV 82HP is also a second generation radio. Jan 08 2017 Using the exam searchy thing I found 12 exam sessions in January within 25 miles of ZIP code 11223. Why the radio was setup this way I don 39 t know but that is one of the peculiarities of the Baofeng UV 5R radios and why most people opt for the USB programming cable. SCAN Key Press the SCAN key to activate the Reverse function. Name Alpha tag 7 characters . BaoFengTech also offers a download of the BaoFeng factory software which I have used on other radios. To perform a VFO Reset 1. May 03 2016 The radio snob in me wants to start off by saying that there are other radios out there and many of them are a lot more reliable than the Baofeng UV 5R. The frequencies and channels are defined by the FCC. So do take your time to look around online and take a look at the precise mannequin that might be suit your requirements. The latest radio to come from Baofeng This radio has upped the bar on ham radio technology Compared to previous Baofeng products UV 5R and the UV B Series this radio comes with a much louder speaker 1 watt a more solid design with larger buttons and a better antenna. I used the conversion table channel frequency but I have a question. If you want to use a BaoFeng for it 39 s intended use you can study for your amateur radio license. Press the DOWN arrow key to choose VFO. Press Menu again to access the selected setting 3. For users that are new to portable programming it s difficult to program due to a lack of Baofeng s support and because of its poorly written user manual. So much so that I recently gave and cleared my Technician Ham license exam. It covers transmission and reception from 136 to 174MHz VHF and 400 to 520MHz UHF with 5 watts real in VHF and UHF on the amateur radio bands 144 430Mhz. Another Tyrant Queen does a howto video for the Tyrant Kings Milsim YouTube Channel. Keep flashing you can use this flashing way to ask for help SOS or response to your companions. Cannot comment on the software that came with it on a mini C. com. Step 3 Upload changes back to the radio For clone mode radios only Mar 21 2019 If you program a Baofeng UV 5R to GMRS you need a GMRS licence. I posses a UV 5RE that is capable of transmitting in the Land Mobile radio Service Part 90 amateur bands and GMRS Part 95. The setup takes advantage of the VOX feature Voice Operated Transmission on the TX unit. Should you encounter an emergency nobody is likely to know this but officially it would still be unlawful. Visit our website or call us at 713 893 8950. This is a collection of known resources for the popular UV 5R and other models of Baofeng two way radios. hear Channel mode this time. 25 Feb 2018 how to set up CHIRP for the Baofeng Pofung UV 5R. In this video she shows how to use a Baofeng Radio that is now the go to radio for airsoft and milsim games as it is affordable and programmable quot Tyrant Queen Lauren shows us the basics of programming a Baofeng UV5R for Airsoft purposes. Jan 23 2014 It 39 s an unlicensed band but not many people use it even in the cities. CHIRP Basic Settings Tab Baofeng Radios Manila Yesterday at 12 00 AM THE NEXT GENERATION UV 5R BAOFENG BF F88 The BF F88 is a dual band handheld radio that improves on the UV 5R model this is the 3rd and final generation. Buy the programming cable for BaoFengs if you use them Suboptimal choice of location hampered efforts Hills are hard to broadcast through BaoFeng radios have the worst charging concept known to man Build a good mount it helps Programming Your Baofeng Radio with Chirp and Solving the Prolific Driver Issue Ok this post is a bit off what I normally talk about but I wanted to add it so I d have a spot to point people back to and more importantly be able to refer back to it myself. HAM repeater field expedient using UV 5R Radios Miklor has done a comparison of some of the top DMR radios out there. I believe Baofeng has a 7watt radio not sure of the model. View and browse the latest models and variants. Baofeng DM 1701 Programming Software. The UV5R and it 39 s variants are extremely popular and can be found for under 30 new. 99 49. Press and Hold Menu while power on. Jun 07 2013 David Mercado KK4MND has produced a video showing how easy it is to receive the amateur radio satellite SO 50. Connectors. A repeater is an electronic device that receives a signal on one frequency and retransmits it at a higher level or higher power or onto the other side of an obstruction on a different frequency so that the signal Oct 12 2019 The question is a bit flawed. BaoFeng BF F8HP will have all the features of the successfull UV 5R with more transmit power. how to program baofeng handheld transceiver with satellite frequencies and how to get alerts when satellites are visible by using a smartphone app a beginners guide to work satellites with a common vhf handheld radio . Turn on the radio and press the MENU button. Using a Baofeng Handheld Transceiver to work Amateur Radio Satellites AMSAT I m a brand new ham as of October 2017 and I had a really fun experience listening to RadFxSat Fox 1B AO 91 yesterday. The Tactical Tailor Enhanced Baofeng Radio Pouch was developed to be a great way to make sure you have easy admission to your radio when it 39 s needed most. Rourke You can program your BaoFeng UV 5R exactly how you want it. My son and I have been using this for some time with his Baofeng that is a different model that the one shown. Additional Resource Enhanced UV5R user manual by Miklor pdf Mar 22 2016 This is part of a series of posts that hopefully will save people a bunch of time. Whether you are a casual boater or a seagoing professional this article provides the marine channels you need for programming modern VHF UHF radios with the international frequencies for ships yachts motorboats ferries sailboats cruise ships freighters tankers industrial docks skiffs riverboats inflatables aquatic sports 3. Do not use any portable radio that has a damaged antenna. The BaoFeng UV 82 series has upped the bar on affordable ham radio technology Compared to previous BaoFeng products UV 5R GT 3 and the v2 Series the UV 82 comes with a much louder speaker 1 watt a much more solid case with larger buttons and a new chipset and PCB board that outperforms the range accuracy and output of the previous BaoFeng chipsets. Its transceiver has FM broadcast reception the radio has 128 channels and a 12 hour battery life and the radio itself provides great mobility at a low cost. 3. We usually end up on 3. Most of the BaoFeng radios have 4 5W of output power Here are the frequencies for BCA radios. The Baofeng UV 5R is a multi purpose dual band vhf uhf hand held transceiver made in China. Using CHIRP you should be able to program the Baofeng radio to work well with the BCA radios. Sep 19 2016 This made it impossible for people with Rugged radios to talk with other members on the standard SDAR radio refreq. BaoFeng BF F8 and UV 5R Series Programming Software. Having a small communication device and a short antenna is good in terms of portability. I am now just waiting for my call sign to appear in the FCC database. The UV 5R is capable of transmitting on frequencies between Nov 19 2015 Note We recommend the original BaoFeng UV 5R BaoFeng UV 5R Dual Band Two Way Radio Black BaoFeng BF F8HP 8 Watt Dual Band Two Way Radio Baofeng UV5RA Ham Two Way Radio Authentic FTDI USB Programming Cable for Kenwood BaoFeng and AnyTone CHIRP Programming Software. 82. Use the links below to purchase your handset. Baofeng radios that operate within the specified frequencies are legal to use. Baofeng UV 82 Step by Step Programming Guide Also applies to UV 82HP UV 82L UV 82X UV 82C UV 89 Noji Ratzlaff Set the radio to communicate with a repeater at 146. Dual band ham radio and 8watt radio cover almost all commonly used frequency and range. Do Oct 04 2019 The baofeng 40 deal is an ok starter radio but if you want to do email packet digital the baofeng s don t work real well as they are slow and dump packets transmitted you can use a cellphone TNC3 bluetooth and a baofeng for APRS and it will let you sent texts over the radio and give real time GPS data it s going to be kind of bad at it. It is a low power 16 channel preprogrammed radiono display. Confused about whether to get a radio for commercial or amateur use You re at the right place because we are reviewing the best Baofeng radios out there. If you are familiar with the latter then you already know that the quality of the UV 82HP is already reliable. pdf file of this document is available from the Tri County Amateur Radio Club website at WC5C. Apr 22 2018 And when Baofeng released the first DMR radio the DM 5R excitement was in the air a DMR for under 100 CDN . Featured Products. note see the TALK page for more diagrams Antenna Mar 07 2020 Baofeng Menu CHIRP Cross Reference. USB port version is also available USB driver is included. Nov 30 2014 No Adapters needed. You need to say what it is you 39 re trying to tune in but still it won 39 t be any clearer or stronger than the stations 39 quality of signals. Jun 20 2019 Baofeng radios will continue to be sold in the USA both their type 95 approved radios honestly if you want a GMRS or MURS radio get one of these. Select VHF or UHF by using the Band key 3. It is not nbsp We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience to provide our services understand how customers use our services so we can make nbsp Thank you for purchasing the UV 82 Amateur Portable Radio from Baofeng Radio No additional restrictions you may not apply legal terms or technological nbsp with Win 10 x 64 for a Baofeng UV 5RE Plus radio. Squelch levels improved somewhat over time but it just wasn t enough. if using BF F8HP use the daily build version under downloads 2. Official Baofeng Comparison Chart Here you can see the Official comparison chart from Baofeng Pofung in all it 39 s splendor and glory showing the different models that are available. After doing some research the beginner radio I landed on was the Beofeng BF F8HP. Press the SCAN key for 2 seconds to start scanning freq chan . of 146. So from what I can tell by reading some of the discussions on here the uv 5r is not part 95 for HT even though i have a gmrs license does this still stand if I use it as a base radio Im still green on these things so please be patient with me. Select the frequency you want to store 4. Once you have the license using BaoFeng radio that is Part 90 certified is legal as it supports VHF and UHF. Mar 10 2020 There are 128 channels dual frequency bright display emergency alert LED flashlight 4 watts of power and other impressive features. 0 Hz 0. The most popular use of these radios is Ham radio 2M and 440 and public service. Note If you ever decide to buy this radio look at the BaoFeng website first. To purchase a programming cable for your radio please click here. But as popular as it is the BaoFeng radio is quite difficult to program. I see you understand that the radio is indeed a HAM radio and by the part 95 rules that your GMRS licence is authorized forbids the use of such equipment on GMRS. This one has it DEFINETELY wrong. Go to almost any prepping website and you will see read an article from someone telling you how you need these little radios in your bag claiming they are the perfect prepping radio BULLSHIT Oct 27 2015 This should work for all Baofeng 2 pin cable compatible radios such as the UV 5R and variants the BF F8 and variants and UV 82 and variants . Verify your cable is the one shown. Do you know what s that is Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR 15 AK 47 Handguns and more Buy Sell and Trade your Firearms and Gear. This requires you to take the UK amateur radio Foundation licence. D. If you are using a clone mode radio you may wish to save a . Press down arrow key to ENG Press Menu . Baofeng UV 3R is a cost effective ham radio those on a tighter budget. 59 69. Jun 12 2013 The Baofeng line of radios are VHF UHF radios working in the 100 to 500 MHZ range. No channel listed to the right of the display VFO MR 2. Your Baofeng radio therefore needs to comply and operate within 144 to 148 Mhz and 430 to 450 Mhz for ultra high frequencies. Bother Baofeng models allow you to swa out the antenna with one that provides higher gain. PTT Push To Talk This button allows you to communicate with other HAM radio operators. Baofeng UV 5R Handheld. Make sure the radio is making contact with the charger. BaoFeng BF F8HP VIP Programming Software. Baofeng UV5R Variants The Baofeng UV 5R is the basis for many other models. 5 KHz. Prices in quantities have gone as low as 8 in early 2017. You can legally listen to amateur radio on a Baofeng but to transmit you need a valid amateur radio licence from Ofcom. Many of the Baofeng radios have a superimposed DC level on COS PL active signal on the headphone output connector. The handheld radio BaoFeng BF F8HP is a dual band walkie talkie style radio is actuallythe natural evolution of the Baofeng UV 5R series. Yes they WILL work in other services but the legality of them is a grey area at best. When you use our Baofeng radio in a darkness environment our Baofeng walkie talkie is equipped with two ways of flashlight for you to use 1. Use the up and down arrows to increase or decrease the amount of the step. wouxun. Note that while FRS and GMRS share the same frequencies and channels FRS radios are limited to lower power output. If you hold monitor on the Baofeng and you can hear the other person when they broadcast it s because monitor ignores DCS CTSS. optional Enter the transmit CTCSS DCS code. Sep 27 2018 For all intents and purposes this makes a good percentage of the Baofeng radios illegal to use particular the early UV 5R series. Using ideas from the VK7NTX and ZS2EZ pages together with a bit of tinkering I was able to develop a reliable soundcard interface for the Baofeng UV5R that had fast PTT switching and greatly reduced sensitivity to the radio 39 s audio knob position for reliable reception of data. Yes if you have a licence. Whether you are planning to use it as nothing more than a wal Re Even the Oregon Patriots use Baofeng radios Reply 30 on January 22 2016 12 05 21 PM Smurf Hunter sent this to me and others may find interesting ANYTONE RADIOS ARE NOT MADE BY WOUXUN Getting over 1 200 hits per day www. Once you have a license the most basic thing you can do is to talk directly to other amateur radio operators using your radio like a walkie talkie quot simplex quot . 00 makes it a very good alternative for newcomers into the hobby or as a second or backup handheld among experienced amateur radio operators. Place the radio in the charging slot on the charger. Furthermore the Baofeng UV 5RA s ability to act as a police emergency services scanner FM radio NOAA radio and backup flashlight combined with their sub 40 price are enough reason to have one on hand just in case. 505. Press MENU. Jan 22 2015 Then use a USB to Radio cable to load the file into your Baofeng or other brand of radio. 210 780 views210K views. Baofeng Black UV 5R V2 Plus USA Warranty Dual Band 136 174 400 480 MHz FM Ham Two way Radio The 1 Baofeng ham radio is literally the best of the list. Jun 04 2013 There are good cheap walkie talkies out there instead that I 39 m sure someone can recommend or you can just search quot best walkie talkies quot or something. Here is a list of topics covered in the video and the timestamp should you need to reference certain information Jul 16 2020 BaoFeng UV 5R is a versatile and portable HT which offers complete ease of use and programming. It is a great solution. Baofeng UHF VHF Cross Band Dual Watch Dual Band Waterproof Transceiver Relay forwarding confirmed 1750Hz Emergency SOS sound and light alarm DTMF Emergency Alarm programming software by computer or Manual program this durable two way radio has long talking distance for hunting fishing traveling navigation Jul 13 2018 I 39 ve learned that Baofeng radios have a built in tone squelch that only works between radios. My radio is actually a UV 5RA but the UV 5R settings work for it too. Moreover if you re already Radio to radio cloning quot MyChannels. The existing antenna in your Baofeng is just around 5 inches. While FM radio is activated press SAFETY TRAINING INFORMATION Your BAOFENG radio generates RF electromagnetic en ergy during transmit mode. Apr 13 2018 I am using a Baofeng BF 888s UHF HT. I have had 23 Jul 2020 We use common BaoFeng radios but the steps are basically the same for any model and across computer operating systems. Set up a Baofeng UV 5R Repeater System. Jul 02 2017 The BF 888S is a full featured two way radio and hand held transceiver with a range claim of up to 6km. Oct 25 2011 UPDATE 11 12 12 A new version 1. So put in the repeater INPUT frequency go back to MENU mode then push 27 for the memory channel you want then push MENU and go to the SAME memory channel that you programmed in Baofeng Radio US is the Authorized Distributor of Baofeng products introducing new range of Baofeng radios. Baofeng radio Posting your intentions of using a radio on unauthorized frequencies seems almost like leaving your address at the scene of a crime. BaoFeng UV 82 Series Programming Software. 5 mm 3. We re not exactly the only BaoFeng BF F8HP Review to say praise this set. BaoFeng UV 82HP VIP Programming Software. Luckily it is both easy to use and affordable enough. Manually Programing Your BAOFENG UV5RA Dual band Transceiver by Bob Peterson KE7RAP Randall Jones AE7RJ and Jack Tiley AD7FO 1. The radio I have now is 55w and it gets some distance. Aug 21 2020 BaoFeng radios can give a power output of up to 8 watts as well as channel steps for as low as 2. The reason is explained in the second video but still I cannot get what he is doing with the wiring. Use the arrow up or down or number to select desired setting 4. However you may broadcast on these bands in case of an emergency. I also monitor nearby towns as well. The range is affected by several variables such as indoor or outdoor use the weather or terrain. Loc Yep it s the memory location ranging from 0 to 127 . Programming manually a Baofeng radio especially the model UV 5R is possible using the own keypad of the radio. Among the stations heard are Hector Martinez CO6CBF Dave Beumer Software Program memories and other setting of the Baofeng Pofung UV 82 radio. Im am trying to learn and understand so I can pass the right info to my family and friends. And you might be much better served by having a more substantially reliable radio like one of those. The Baofeng Technology Co had a valution of 714 times earnings. A radio direction finder exercise tracks them down. The walkie talkie makes claims that you can use this unit to have convenient conversations at a long range no matter what the context of usage is be it a Mar 24 2020 In this video Josh from the Ham Radio Crash Course channel gives us 3 basic tips for using a Baofeng radio as part of an emergency preparedness plan. Albert Einstein about the radio Albert Einstein when asked to describe radio replied quot You see wire telegraph Jan 31 2018 Programming the very affordable Baofeng UV 5R also available as Pofung UV 5R dual band mobile radio can be quite complicated. The lowest step 2. Sep 30 2019 It wasn t ever legal to use a Baofeng or similar radio unlocked if it didn t have certification for the other bands in which it can transmit. Baofeng Radio for FSQ Bill 3 . How To Setup Radio To Radio Cloning On The UV 5RV2 The Baofeng UV 5RV2 is capable of cloning from radio to radio. In other words radios should be locked down for Tx on ham bands only or if they are sold as Part 90 radios the VFO and keypad must be locked in such as way that you can t unlock them from the Baofeng UV 5R Overview and Manual Programming. 6625 CTCSS 94. One way to overcome this is to make your own radio TNC cable using a speaker microphone that is designed for the Baofeng radio. No need for radio tone controller. Oct 19 2014 Welcome to Baofeng Support. The Baofeng and similar radios use a quot Reverse SMA quot type connector shown below which is non standard as shown below. EXCEPT IN EMERGENCIES AND DISTRESS SITUATIONS IT IS ILLEGAL TO USE THE BAOFENG RADIO TO TRANSMIT ON FRS GMRS FREQUENCIES. 4. It communicated with no issues with my GT3. Now using most of them you will need at least a Technician level ham radio license and ham bands will be the only ones you can lawfully transmit on. Chirp software provides a fix for the well known Baofeng squelch problem. Baofeng DM 1801 Programming Software. The radio should now have voice prompts in English. It can be programmed with up to 128 channels. It s a compact handheld radio capable of transmitting with 4 watts of power across 136 174 MHz and 400 480 MHz frequencies. Don t forget to transmit legally a license must be obtained. You can give channels alphanumeric names using a computer. 780 MHz 100. It operates mostly in both VHF and UHF frequencies. 99 and FREE shipping and FREE returns. Now we can use CHIRP to program the transceiver as a very basic radio scanner. Almost all FRS and GMRS radios use channel numbers as a substitute for the frequency the Baofeng GMRS 50X1 lets you set the frequency directly . Baofeng BF 888s Features. You can shop from a variety of categories like handheld radios btech mobile radios btech mobile accessories nagoya handheld antennas btech gear Sep 11 2019 Convert your Baofeng radio antenna connection to the industry standard BNC connector. If you click the link above go right to the bottom of that screen and the UV 5R series is there with a download link. Jan 06 2013 Due to the wide variety of Baofeng UV 5R firmware versions be sure you are using the correct one for your radio either CHIRP Baofeng OEM or Baofeng VIP or you will end up with a non working radio. Set your display to Frequency Mode from Channel Mode . Radios that are equipped with a display can read out the firmware version for instance the UV 5R radio By pressing button 3 while switching it on turn the knob the firmware is shown BFBxxx . The version you download and install will depend on the operating system OS of your PC. Mar 21 2018 Baofeng uv 5r posted in Amateur Radio Ham ok. Want to get more out of your Baofeng UV 5R Want to know how to operate the device better Want to know how to program the device like a pro You can now get the best out of your radio device. Select an empty memory position 000 127 by using the Up or Down key 6. This should also work for all 2 pin cable compatible radios from other manufacturers as long as they use the same pin out. Keep reading. 99 16. This free and open source radio programming tool together with a USB programming cable makes setting up your radio a breeze. Any vendor that purchases a large quantity of radios can have a private label and in some cases firmware version applied to the radio. Easy to use Compatible with most radios with 2 pin Mic Connector. Apr 11 2019 The radio I m plugging in here is a Baofeng. Baofeng Ham Radio UV82 amp UV5R Beginners Guide A Beginners Guide to Baofeng UV82 Ham Radio we are going to be covering basic use programming scanning and using the baofeng radio. When the the red LED comes on steady your radio is charging. The Retevis RT22 is an FRS PMR446 radio depending on the country that operate on pre assigned license free frequencies intended for generall consumer use. Apr 27 2013 Programming the Baofeng radio. You will need two items an appropriate length of coaxial cable with PL 259 connectors on each end and an SMA to SO 239 adapter. A . Other bands can get you further solar weather depending. Oct 17 2013 You can t use most of these radios legally on those bands because while Baofeng radios while they may claim to be are not FCC Type accepted for those services Frequencies . It s not hard to connect this to the TT4 the radio has a four wire plug and jack that connects the audio output Mic input and Push to Talk PTT signals. Baofeng DM 1702 1703 Programming Software I tried connecting the two 2 Baofeng 39 s UV 5R with a straight 2. Important note if you wait more than 9 seconds between any step below it will automatically go back to home screen and you have to start again so work those fingers baby Nov 16 2017 Thanks for the two replies. Once done just click OK. This is a software modification that resets the squelch to enable higher tighter levels of squelch controlled by the Baofeng radio s squelch setting. DMR 5R Programming Software. The DMR 6X2 is included in their comparison we might be a bit prejudice but looks like the DMR 6X2 is a winner. Set your display to A . The design and model have been derived from the classic UV 82 series. 5625 BC LINK B 462. A MURS radio is supposed to be certified by the FCC for quot Part 95 operation quot . This helps when you are in an emergency situation and nbsp 10 Dec 2018 Walkie talkies CB radios and ham radios are a fun and useful way to CBs are still in widespread use because of their low cost and because unlike with ham radios BaoFeng UV 82HP High Power Dual Band Radio. You then cut off the microphone and just use the cable and connector. This is a shortcoming from the manufacturer but many experts have found a solution to this fault thus making it easier for BaoFeng lovers to use the device. 6375 CTCSS 131. The excitement was short lived. Aug 03 2014 What Downs is referring to is Sena helmet Bluetooth any will do now paired to the Sena SR10 Bluetooth 2 way radio adapter with the Kenwood radio plug connected to a Baofeng UV 5R. 23 Mar 2019 Baofeng for Beginners How to Use Baofeng UV 5R Buttons and More. They are just then dumped on the Amateur Community for add on sales. Nov 19 2015 Note We recommend the original BaoFeng UV 5R BaoFeng UV 5R Dual Band Two Way Radio Black BaoFeng BF F8HP 8 Watt Dual Band Two Way Radio Baofeng UV5RA Ham Two Way Radio Authentic FTDI USB Programming Cable for Kenwood BaoFeng and AnyTone CHIRP Programming Software. Baofeng official website provides you with the most cost effective long range Baofeng two way radios and meets all your amateur and commercial need. I highly recommend getting a few Baofeng GT 3 radio s and learn how to use them. However the range in which you can communicate is compromised. Always on can be used for darkness lighting. If you do it the way shown here you will need to bypass the COS diode on the FOB and use usbinvert in simpleusb tune menu. Radio Shop Ham Radio Homestead BaoFeng UV 82HP High Output Up to 8 Watt UV 82HP. Additional Resource Enhanced UV5R user manual by Miklor pdf Confused about whether to get a radio for commercial or amateur use You re at the right place because we are reviewing the best Baofeng radios out there. Baofeng makes many different kinds of radio and you said nothing to give us a clue about which Baofeng radio you have. Most competing handheld radios from Yaesu Icom Kenwood or Alinco are priced at around 129 to as much as 600 and that is without accessories. us is our registered domain name so we will continue to use it WE DO NOT SELL ANY RADIOS MADE BY WOUXUN if you see a radio on this website it IS NOT made by Wouxun This way I can use the microphone on both radios I am a little confused as to why there is a need to re wire the Baofeng microphone It is just a matter of making the right connections back to the BITX40 cables that are supplied with the BITX40 kit. Baofeng UV 5R The Chinese Radio I 39 ve got a cheopo BaoFeng UV 5RE that I 39 d like to try as packet radio. The radio announces the numbers as you press them as they nbsp . So on the first question can we program VHF channel on BF888s UHF radio . 5. With your radio turned off connect your radio to your computer using the Baofeng UV 5R Programming cable. I use the Diamond SRH77CA on my Yaesu VX 8 and it works great. . Step 6. Mar 02 2014 I have a mobile radio in the car so don 39 t have to use an HT. The FRS only frequencies are Channels 8 thru 14 on the bubble pack radios. I am a mechanical engineer and have limited HAM experience but it seems like the UV 5R is filtering out the initial tone of the APRS packet that the Aug 22 2016 First off I have an Amateur Radio License as well as several channels licensed for business use so I 39 m educated on this and not blowing smoke with my answer. The UV 5R is a very popular transceiver in many countries and in Australia its low cost 50. Share Alike nbsp How to Use the Baofeng UV 5R. I swear i was picking up the ski hill and side band freqs from others using close to the same channels. Turn on your radio and wait for radio activity to stop if any this may take several seconds. Aug 17 2020 Hi lovely people I am a huge radio enthusiast. Again a buzz in and on the air. Aug 27 2019 Baofeng Radio UV 5R V2 also has two power modes 5 and 1W to allow you to choose between range and battery life. Some new features found in the UV 82HP are the three selectable power levels Low 1 watt Medium 5 watt High 7 8 watt allowing for a high output of up to eight watts. Turn on the radio and make sure it s unlocked 1. Aug 10 2020 I recently got a pair of Baofeng UV 5R radios. READ CAREFULLY. Mar 17 2020 Baofeng UV 82 3 Triband Ham Radio Review and Power Testing. The triangle to the left of the frequencies will be on the top line and pointing up. They re good type approved and require zero programming to use on their respective services and their part 90 commercial amateur radios as well. I ll also note that the same cable can be used to program a Wouxun radio so the same remedies apply. img file of your radio as and after you make your changes. You can now use the arrow key Up Down to scroll through your channels. Press MENU then press the number from the menu below 2. With the release of the new Baofeng UV 3R Mark II the original software has also been updated. Baofeng UV 5R radios and accessories. Programming the BaoFeng UV 5R. 8 On October Apr 06 2016 Walk through steps for manually programming the BaoFeng handheld radios. When I press the PTT my Baofeng to something like a dialing of 4 sound and do it again when I release the PTT. The UV 5R is capable of transmitting on frequencies between Baofeng UV5RA Ham Two Way Radio 136 174 400 480 MHz Dual Band Transceiver Black By baofeng 8. Follow the instructions below to manually program your Baofeng HT radio and a few other HT radios manufactured in China using only the keypad on the radio. Before you buy a radio ask yourself Does the radio have a label with the nbsp 2 Aug 2018 The Baofeng models UV 5R and UV 5R V2 were granted an FCC The FCC said Part 90 radios that permit the operator to use external nbsp I have 2 Baofeng uv5ra units. The information is available on his page packed with images and videos and source codes. 99 POFUNG amp BAOFENG GT 3 MARK II 136 174 400 520MHZ DUAL BAND DTMF FM HAM WALKIE TALKIE CHIPSETS UPGRADED ABS FRAME 65. 10 Dec 2019 If you use a radio that breaks our rules we may hold you responsible. Press the Exit key to leave the menu. Jan 07 2015 After reviewing the GT 3 Mark II a radio in which many problems were solved the poor sometimes meaningless squelch levels on various Baofeng models were one of the few things left on my The Perfect Baofeng wish list. But if you try to match another brand of PMR466 radio that may have some factory set DCS CTSS settings. The Baofeng UV 5R is a great cheap little radio but it 39 s notoriously difficult to use with poor documentation. More than just a change of case the UV 6R is equipped with the new firmware HDBF230 it is also more sensitive than the UV 5R with a more powerful Jan 02 2014 I am very new to the world of amateur radio I have a baofeng also a kenwood d700 I have been reading this topic with interest as I have just got echolink on my pc I would like to work on echolink on the baofeng but not sure how really to set it up or even if I need anything else to get it working or not any help would be appreciated. 300 by pressing numeral keys 1 4 7 3 0 0. My goal is to just have the radio located up in a tree or on top of something and a long cable will not be necessary however I would like to mount an antenna up as high as possible for other applications. 5K is the slowest and most thorough search. Scroll over to Channel 11 or whichever one you used and check it out. 2PCS Folding Antenna 144 430Mhz For BAOFENG UV5R all SMA K Female Interphone. 99 You can program your BaoFeng UV 5R exactly how you want it. CTCSS MENU 13 MENU enter nbsp Use only BAOFENG supplied or approved batteries and chargers. Jun 05 2018 The Baofeng UV 5rR is certainly popular affordable and reliable. Similarly Miklor s site shows the same method in detail. I did get the extended battery and it lasts a long time. How to Program a BaoFeng Radio. Some similar cheaper RT B6 use Baofeng UV B5 Rugged Radios. img Chirp file is based on the Baofeng UV5R radio. However you ll need different software for the actual programming. I really didn 39 t see the need for the privacy codes so we all just use the straight channels and everyone is happy. I imagine this will be a problem with repeaters that don 39 t transmit a tone as well. Baofeng UV 5R 39 s do not conform to the PMR radio specifications for transmission but listening is perfectly fine. I want to communicate through thick woods at 600 yards clearly. At the moment they only make one model which is legal for unlicensed use in the US also known as license by rule. When using analog with a non Baofeng radio the RD 5R does have a bad squelch tail. In October 2018 Amazon sold Baofeng Radioddity UV 5R EX handheld ham radios at an extreme discount. Every radio has a different 39 sound 39 to it with or without an external microphone. It adds the ability to update the FM Broadcast memories via the software. I ve been using CHIRP quite successfully with my two other Baofeng radios BF F8HP and UV 5R for years using the Download and Upload menu entries as expected. Radio to radio with the 6 quot antenna that comes with them would probable be limited to just a couple of miles with no obstructions. Jul 21 2016 Also I didn t use 68k on the Baofeng for the audio out line. 2. Back up communications should be an integral part of any preppers plans. 5W Kids Radio Comunicador Portable Radio These are projects notes that relate to the Baofeng UV 5R UHF VHF Dual Band Two Way Ham Radio Walkie Talkie. . The BaoFeng UV 5R can be programmed both by the keys that are on the radio and by using software. Icom Motorola amp Yaesu make excellent HT Handy Talkie radios. For the price it 39 s an impossible to beat deal for the newcomer in the ham radio hobby. 1Pcs SF 18 Short Soft Antenna UHF 400 470MHz SMA Female Fits BaoFeng Radio. Jan 15 2014 I decided to try using one of the incredibly inexpensive Chinese handheld radios as the transceiver and bought a Baofeng UV 3R for 30 on Amazon. The UV B6 is perfectly capable of transmitting and receiving on FRS and GMRS frequencies. Most Baofeng radios can be programmed with use of the original Baofeng software depending on the firmware of the radio. Please remove the radio at that time to avoid over charging your battery. quot Nov 26 2013 The Baofeng line of radios are VHF UHF radios working in the 100 to 500 MHZ range. Actually the Miklor site has tons of information on these radios so check it out. Turn on the radio knob on the top of the radio . But if you want to do it that way or I ever have to there 39 s certainly nothing that says you can 39 t. Baofeng handheld two way radios are well known among amateur radio operators everywhere. Let s program a Baofeng Radio with CHIRP software to get the job done. dat quot The Baofeng UV 5R is capable of cloning between radios meaning if you have one radio set up just the way you like it the reference or quot master quot radio and want another radio configured in exactly the same way the quot slave quot radio you just hook a cable between them and copy the information over. A repeater is nothing but basically a transceiver that is kept at a fixed location to send and receive signals. With OEM ODM ability quotation for bulk order is available. For those looking to get into Ham radio and do not want to spend a fortune this is the way to go. Usually these transceivers are placed on hilltops and on top of buildings. org under the Ham Radio tab. 000. Sep 02 2020 A handheld radio should cost a few hundred dollars or such was the situation until the arrival of very cheap Chinese radios in the last few years. I 39 ve snipped the plug off of the headset that came with the handheld soldered it onto some breadboard cables and did the sam Baofeng UV 5R Handheld. Looking at this feature rich 2 way handheld radio many folks used to handling such gadgets would have a different opinion about that. I have tried different radio interface configurations and all Guide to Using the Baofeng UV 5R. Note We cannot offer any help with programming your radio. Push Orange V M button If necessary to enter Frequency VFO mode no channel number is shown if voice mode is on the radio will announce Frequency mode . The other method to communicate with a radio is through a repeater. BC LINK A 462. Programming example 2 storing repeater Aug 22 2016 First off I have an Amateur Radio License as well as several channels licensed for business use so I 39 m educated on this and not blowing smoke with my answer. This is the download for the genuine Baofeng BF 888S which we offer for download. Models such as the UV 3R UV B6 BF F9 and the legendary UV 5R are a common staple in the modern ham shack and with good reason. The first level license in the US is all you need to use radios like the Baofeng radios mentioned in the original post above. To use CHIRP you need a Baofeng USB Programming Cable there is no getting around it. See full list on jpole antenna. You must be a licensed Amateur Radio operator to use this software. Here are some tips and resources nbsp It is common knowledge for anyone involved in the radio communication world that Amateur Radios often referred to as 39 Ham Radios 39 are the best ones to start nbsp Buy BAOFENG Radio Baofeng UV 82 8w High Power Walkie Talkies Dual the radio by keypad quickly Also can use program software setting by computer nbsp BaoFeng BF F8HP UV 5R 3rd Gen 8 Watt Dual Band Two Way Radio 136 174MHz VHF You cannot use this radio in any unlicensed frequency. One of the new features of this unit is its selectable power configuration. I decided to give up on the DB25 connectors and connect the USB directly to the Baofeng 888. GT 890 Variant of QYT KT8900 Standard Horizon This will require the use of plugging the radio to your computer with a programming cable. Baofeng BF F8GP have been set to the same frequency and they can work with each other when out of the box. But I am having my reservations about the wiring they use. Check out this great listen on Audible. 4 7 Radio Scanner Handheld Two Way Police Ham Transceiver Portable Antenna While FM radio is activated press the BAND button to switch the band of the FM radio 65 75MHz 76 108MHz . 8 Apr 07 2012 Manually Programming the BAOFENG UV 3R Transceiver This document provides more detailed instructions concerning manual programming of your BAOFENG UV 3R VHF UHF handheld ham radio transceiver. because I don 39 t use it. To program the BaoFeng radios you need a software called CHIRP. One question you could ask him is just how long a cable could I attach to a Baofeng UV 5R 4 watt radio. Aug 01 2019 The Baofeng UV 5R is a popular two band radio worldwide. Press Menu type 27 and press Menu again 5. This item is the cable that using to connect your Radio and PC then write the program setting and frequency of the walkie talkie by PC Apr 26 2014 I still wanted to use the Baofeng software so I ve been keeping an eye on on the Baofeng software page. BAOFENG SQUELCH SOFTWARE MOD. Here I ve picked the UV 5R. I am wondering if anyone has been able to use a Baofeng HT for FSQ. Aug 20 2015 Top SMA Female for Baofeng Wouxon radios Bottom SMA Male connector for Icom Kenwood Yaesu and Alinco models. The unit comes with a charger antenna and some documentation that you might need. These radios are work horses that should exceed the needs of almost all small to medium local radio use cases. The programming is easy and as with all BaoFeng radios the build quality is nothing to complain about. Aug 02 2018 On March 14 2013 the Enforcement Bureau s Spectrum Enforcement Division SED received a complaint alleging that Baofeng radio model UV 5R was capable of 1 transmitting on land mobile frequencies using the equipment s external controls and 2 operating at power levels above those specified in its Equipment Authorization. The serial usb cable used for programming needs to have the correct drivers installed and depending on the operating system you are using Aug 02 2017 The Baofeng UV 5R is a good reliable and inexpensive dual band walkie talkie that is commercial grade. As it 39 s designed for commercial and PMR use in addition to amateur radio there 39 s nothing to stop it from transmitting outside of any particular band so care needs to be taken when programming the transmit frequencies 39 parameters. Sep 11 2008 Hi Burt the Vertex Standard Motorola VX 261 is a business grade radio that operates on licensed business radio service frequencies. Jul 25 2016 For programming I use CHIRP which is pretty easy to use. Here is a list of topics covered in the video and the timestamp should you need to reference certain information This is a detailed Baofeng UV 82HP Review. ITs annoying both for me and the people who receive the transmission. Baofeng UV 5R on Amazon. Apr 30 2014 I use Chirp on my Win 7 and chose the BF F8HP radio. Moreover if you re already baofeng ch 6dmr dmr and analog dual band two way radio 144 148mhz vhf amp 430 450mhz uhf Baofeng CH 6DMR is one of the most versatile dual band DMR radio available. I searched all over the radio and documentation and co May 08 2017 Amateur radios are not certified they cannot ever be authorized as per section 4 of the Radio Communications Act for use outside ham bands. The radio would only function DMR in simplex not use the existing DMR network of repeaters. 10 has been released under the UV X4 model. Jun 06 2019 If a ham radio operator or anyone else wishes to legally use GMRS FRS said person MUST use a type 95 compliant radio. The mission of this site is to scour the web for all things Baofeng and organize them into one central page so you can quickly and easily find what you need to get and stay on the air with your radio. The UV 82HP is the second generation of the classic UV 82 Series. Baofeng UV5R was hacked L ior Elazary provides informations regarding the hacks of a chinese dual band radio Lior posted descriptions of the work on hes rig. TO CHANGE A SETTING USING THE MENU SETTING 1. However in a SHTF situation these radios can communicate with a wide array of devices across a vast range of frequencies. I didn 39 t and still don 39 t know anything about what I bought HAM radio vs quot bubble pack quot radios . The Baofeng BF F9 V2 gives you the option of using your ham radio as a repeater. Next you are shown a warning message. The BaoFeng BF 888S is a very cool and inexpensive little radio that a lot of people purchase before realizing that there is no way to program the BaoFeng BF 888S radio with just the radio you have to purchase a programming cable download the software and learn what you are doing first. Press the UP and DOWN arrow key to select RESET Menu Item 40 . Both Part 90 and GMRS have certification requirements. 99 Baofeng Enlarged Batterie 3800mAh Li ion Battery ForUV 5R BF F8 BF F8HP DM 5R Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie Black 18. Using the info on the Miklor site allowed me to get my Baofeng Wouxun cable working with my old Windows XP computer. BaoFeng makes two way radios walkie talkies if you will. Jan 15 2016 The menu system is used to change how the radio works output power change language vox and many other things. 0 USB port. The new walkie talkie Baofeng UV 6R is the new improved version of the famous UV 5R. The standard insert with the Baofeng microphone is fine and sounds great. Q. The great thing about frs is even the folks with the . I also use Baofeng GT3 W64 VIP software so that I can delete the TX frequencies on my scan list that I don t want to mistakenly TX on like the NOAA freq. Yes it is better to use BaoFeng radio with the user license approved by FCC. The radio is fully charged once the charger 39 s green status LED goes steady. 45 times the apple P E 15. Baofeng UV 5R features an SMA connector 128 memories and a high capacity 1800 mAh Li ion battery. So you can either quot open quot up those lower frequencies on the Rugged by using the CHIRP easy from what I 39 m told or just plan on using a frequencies above 150. If you are a radio enthusiast or need a radio for commercial purposes like schools and hospitals then BaoFeng Tech should be your first choice. Live mode radio users will have their changes immediately take effect in the radio and do not need to proceed to Step 3. One is through the radio and another is through the computer. This level is used to drive a FET to switch the COS lead to ground. Mar 24 2020 BaoFeng BF 888S Two Way Ham Radio Six 6 Pack Deal Update USA Ammoland. Licensed ham radio operator are exempt from requiring any type acceptance when operating within the ham frequencies to which they hold licensed privileges. 99 Baofeng radio has an LED light FM radio and emergency alert. net provides recognition and enjoyment to the people who use contribute and build the site. For the Tone frequency test the radio was set to transmit and then play 1KHz tone then a 2KHz tone 3KHz tone and finally the 4KHz tone before shutting down the transmitter. If you plan on using this thing out on the road then you are going to want to upgrade the base model a bit. Luckily there is a program called CHIRP. CHIRP 1022Build. I use the Baofeng BF F9 V2 which has a higher RF power and the dual band FM frequencies are 136MHz 174MHz and 400MHz 520MHz which provides additional frequencies in the UHF range. Follow these instructions to program your UV 5R EX to use the SLVARC repeater. Accessories. It s inexpensive feature packed and compact. Listed under the Operating Modes Satellites category that is about Amateur radio satellite operations. Thousands of customers along with quite a few industry experts agree with this as Jan 07 2017 Follow the steps below to reset a Baofeng UV 5R BF F9 BF F8 UV B6 or UV 82 two way radio from Buy Two Way Radios. Compatible with UV 5R series accessories. First thing I changed it put a dual band 19 inch long nbsp 29 Jun 2018 The topic of use of FRS GMRS radios by NET members is rather large so here is What about the Baofeng UV 5R amateur radio and their ilk 24 Sep 2018 These radios must be authorized by the FCC prior to being imported that the FCC has allocated for use by Amateur Radio Service licensees it does not but if true would make it illegal to operate a Baofeng on ham bands nbsp 1 Jan 2013 Baofeng UV 5R. Baofeng is a market leader in its segment and the Baofeng UV 5R is one of the most popular and common dual band walkie talkie two way radios on the market over the entire hamradio planet. FRS radios come in many different formats and some have a three year warranty and very usable battery life. If the radio is in channel mode turn off the radio then press and hold MENU while turning on the radio 2. Use the links below t How to Use the Baofeng UV 5R. Disclaimer Ham Radio Prep and Critical Communications Media LLC are in no way associated with Baofeng Baofeng Tech or any similar radio manufacturers or distributors. 99 42. When connecting the UV 9R Plus though CHIRP complains that the radio did not send what it expected. The Baofeng UV 5R radio has a great reputation as an extremely compact and economical Dual Band UHF VHF amateur radio introduced first by Baofeng in 2012 with various cosmetic variants. The accessory jack on the Baofeng UV 5R is a Kenwood compatible two 2 pin design. Baofeng Radios are infamous in the prepping community. Do you know what s that is Jun 22 2020 You 39 d do best ti use a directional antenna with lot of gain. Tips on How to Best Configure and Use Your Baofeng UV 5R Tips for setting up your UV 5R to make the most of its capabilities and features. While that is happening I went ahead and bought a BaoFeng UV 5X3 radio. Baofeng UV 5R The Chinese Radio Documentation suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work . I 39 ve found the following accessories to be useful. A Beginners Guide to Baofeng UV82 Ham Radio we are going to be covering basic use programming scanning and using the baofeng radio. The frequency range of UV 5R V2 is VHF 136 174 and UHF 400 480 MHz which is pretty typical for BaoFeng radios. The Baofeng family of radios is considered to be an amateur HAM radio and does NOT have the required certifications to transmit outside of HAM radio frequencies. But the UV5R is just about the same as most other Baofeng handheld radios. Some radio functions can only be set by programming software so some CHIRP tabs or settings do not have a corresponding radio menu. xxxxxx . Call Button This button is used to turn on the FM radio that is included. BaoFeng BF F8HP is the natural evolution of the BaoFeng UV 5R. RH5R RH5R V2 use Baofeng UV 5R RH5X Variant of Baofeng BF A58 Sainsonic. quot Jun 05 2018 Note 1 the PATRIOT_2016A_BAOFENG_UV5R. Fortunately yes it seems that the radio chip on Baofeng BF888s are capable of accepting VHF frequency channels although I have not open the radio to check the datasheet on what chip was actually used on this tiny radio with a good form factor. But at the moment I have no plans to replace or upgrade the Baofeng rubber duck. 562 as you stated then I doubt anyone will notice. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases The Baofeng 888 is probably one of the best for the price transceivers to use as an Allstar node radio. August 21 2020 No comments. The programming cable for these radios are sold separately. This means if there is one radio configured in a certain manner the settings can be cloned onto another radio to ensure it is exactly the same. I currently use a Baofeng Uv 5r on the fire department I work on this is a great little talk and receive radio. how to use baofeng radio

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